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Britannica Insights_v4.2.2

Britannica Insights_v4.2.2


Facts matter & Britannica makes it easier to find them.

Not sure if what you heard was true? Looking for a concise overview of a topic? Tired of scrolling through search results to find a credible source? Britannica Insights changes how you discover by bringing verified information to the top of your search results and offering deeper context and perspectives around topics to explore connections.

• Cut through Internet noise to save time
• Trust the information you discover
• Explore deeper context around search topics
• Uncover intuitive roadmaps for deeper exploration

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Q: How do I start using Britannica Insights?
A: Click ‘Add to Chrome’ and continue your usual searches. When Britannica has highly relevant results, the results will populate the top right corner of your search page.

Q: Will Britannica Insights change what shows up in my search results or what sources I can view?
A: Your search results stay the same and you’ll still be able to view all of the same resources you’re used to. You’ll just find Britannica Insights results at the top right corner of your search results when there is relevant Britannica content to share.

Q: Which search browsers does Britannica Insights work with?
A: Britannica Insights works with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Q: How is Britannica Insights able to surface context, connections, and perspectives?
A: Britannica Insights uses Encyclopaedia Britannica’s proprietary advanced relationship mapping technology to surface uncommon insights and unique relationships through a web of connected data points.

Q: What languages does Britannica Insights work with?
A: Britannica Insights works with the English language searches and search results.

Q: Do you track my data or search history?
A: Britannica Insights does not handle or collect any personal or sensitive information, nor does it track search data. If you would like more information on the policies of our parent company, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., please view our Privacy Policy:

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Britannica Insights_v4.2.2