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Breezee Productivity Dashboard_v2.0

Breezee Productivity Dashboard_v2.0



Juggling multiple projects on a daily basis… is freaking hard. There are tons of other services which partially solve this pain but information gets scattered across the web, while having too many options for something which should be insanely easy… Luckily we came up with Breezee!

• Save Web Addresses •
Capture the links you need to access while working on a project and open them blazing fast.

• Take Notes •
Save notes, per project. Think about this as your never-ending pack of e-sticky-notes.

• Define Priority Tasks •
Clear and simple to-do. Keep yourself focused on your daily main objectives.

• Do all of the above per Project •
Create as many projects as you want, there’s no limit! Just switch from one project to another with ease…

Flow, it's easy Breezee!


# Version 2.0 – Release Date 13 February 2017

Big News:
– From the beginning, we focused on creating a light and blazing-fast product, being determined to keep it so;
– Breezee has been completely rewritten from ground up, around a very powerful core;
– Even more, starting from today Breezee is supported by an amazing IBM technology.

New in Version 2.0:
– Beeezee 2.0 uses new and amazing technologies:
• VueJS – The Progressive JavaScript Framework
• PouchDB – The Database that Syncs
• IBM Cloudant – Build More, Grow More, Sleep More
– Due to these fabulous technologies we were able to inject a Live Sync functionality (instead of a rudimentary and un-scalable sync with jQuery & MySQL)
– A fast and easy way to capture links, straight into Breezee – we call it "Grab Link"

– Current Date is displayed on the Hero image
– Default Project can be renamed
– Consistent Layout across Shortcuts, Notes and Tasks
– Larger Modals for Create, Edit and Delete
– Settings Page is now integrated into the app
– Notes & Tasks remember the last date on which they got updated
– Unsaved-Changes Protection in create/edit modals by disabling close when clicking outside the modal
– Reset Password feature is mobile email friendly
– Spinners for actions that take longer than 1 second

# Version 1.9 – Release Date 8 February 2017

New In Version 1.9
– Announcing Breezee2 Launch – a better, faster and stronger Breezee – scheduled for 13 February 2017
– Announcing Breezee1 Sunset – remember and respect the old – scheduled for 15 May 2017

# Version 1.8 – Release Date 17 January 2017

Big News:
– Breezee2 is in Beta, we'll be ready to launch it any moment now!

New In Version 1.8
– 20 eye candy images to inspire and motivate you
– 20 messages to pump up your mental muscles

# Version 1.7 – Release Date 24 October 2016

Big News:
– Happy to announce that we’re almost ready to launch Breezee2 which will bring more awesomeness to the game! If you want to be part of Breezee2 Beta drop us an email at

New In Version 1.7
– 31 eye candy images to inspire and motivate you
– 30 messages to pump up your mental muscles

Enhancements in Version 1.7
– Added a Quick Tour layer over Breezee so Visitors can easily understand what it’s about
– Our Chrome Extension can be installed directly from

Fixes in Version 1.7
– fixed some typos, in the motivational quotes, that generated depression

# Version 1.6 – Release Date 26 July 2016

New in Version 1.6

– 26 eye candy images to inspire and motivate you
– 36 messages to pump up your mental muscles

# Version 1.5 – Release Date 11 July

Cool Stuff in Version 1.5
– Markdown Support for Notes (beautify your notes)
– Favicons Support for Shortcuts (quickly identify your links)
– Keyboard Shortcuts (easily add content and navigate)
– User Settings Page (change name, email and password)

Enhancements in Version 1.5
– Improved Signin/Signup link accessibility
– Shortcuts are right-click actionable
– Improved the use of keyboard (Enter Key adds a new line, Cmd/Ctrl+Enter works the same way as the 'save' button)
– View / Hide completed tasks
– Added capability to edit tasks
– Improved Shortcuts layout
– Improved Navigation using Tab Key

Fixes in Version 1.5
– Removed Shortcuts multiline capability
– Notification when User Session has expired

# Version 1.4 – Release Date 14 June 2016

Enhancements in Version 1.4

– Projects are sorted alphabetically
– Minify Javascript and CSS resources

# Version 1.3 – Release Date 30 May 2016

Enhancements in Version 1.3

– Hero labels changed from orange to white for improving readability
– To-Do Counter displays the number of tasks that must be achieved, instead of total number
– Blocked the creation of Projects with same name

Fixes in Version 1.3

– Fixed: Backwards Compatibility – Support for older browsers
– Fixed: https:// links don't work
– Fixed: line-height for Shortcut Title is visually breaking the layout
– Fixed: alignment between Shortcut text and icon is looking goofy

# Version 1.2 – Release Date 20 May 2016

Enhancements in Version 1.2

– Added Word Wrap so tasks and links won't have "broken" words anymore
– Added Validation for Empty Notes and for Empty Links
– Notes have Inverse Chronological Order – newest at the top
– Added Auto-Focus on Input Fields
– Removed the Chrome Extension Button (Ad) for logged-in users
– Moved the Toastr Messages at the bottom of the viewport

Fixes in Version 1.2

– Fixed: While adding a Project, the modal is not closing and it creates duplicate projects with the same name
– Fixed: On Shortcuts, title overflows on link when EditTab is opened
– Fixed: In some scenarios, Toastr Messages are doubled
– Fixed: Shortcuts without http:// don't work
– Fixed: Login and SignUp buttons are grey, with no visible text on them

# Version 1.1 – Release Date 16 May 2016

New in Version 1.1

– 44 eye candy images to inspire and motivate you
– 42 messages to pump up your mental muscles

Fixes & Enhancements in Version 1.1

– Shortcut URLs without http:// or https:// are validated at entry and prepended properly
– Clicking a fresh added shortcut without http:// that was later updated to a full URL works
– Tasks don't break anymore, when their text is longer than the line
– Added site intro text and extension button
– Removed Google Analytics Code from Extension to improve performance


You can drop us a love letter at or check our Public Trello Board at

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Breezee Productivity Dashboard_v2.0