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[Mac OS X users, please consider reading the notes below.]

[Have an issue ? Please read the CONTACT US section to see how to best get in touch.]


For all those who are in search for a cool way to access your bookmarks, applications, your favorite search engines and much more, this sleek-looking extension is what you've been looking for.

The actual version provides the following search engines :
Amazon, Ask, Baidu, Bing, Daylimotion, Deezer, deviantART, digg, DuckDuckGo eBay, Eurogamer, facebook, flickr, GameSpot, Google, IGN, MySpace, Picasa, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo and YouTube.


Bookolio has been translated into 5 languages by :
– The Bookolio Team (French, English & German)
– Сергей Николаевич (Russian & Ukrainian)

If you would also like to translate Bookolio into your language, please consider contacting us and we will explain to you how to proceed.


Please note that the best way to contact us is to to send us an email at : Don't use the reviews to ask your questions since we can't directly answer them if you don't leave your email address and avoid using the feedback feature because we never get an answer back when we ourselves answer your demand.

You can also follow us on one of the following social networks, for updates on new releases and other things to come :
– Twitter :!/bookolio
– Facebook :
– Google+ :


– to all the Mac OS X Lion users who've had scrolling issues. The issue is, for some strange reason, related to Mac and not Bookolio (since Bookolio doesn't manage the scrolling of the page). Thus we encourage you to update your Mac to version 10.7.4 (or later), since it has been reported by several users to solve the scrolling issue.

– on the Recently Closed Tabs : Bookolio doesn't take into account the tabs that were closed prior to it's installation.

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