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介绍:bLeengo – 输入

bLeengo – Input & Productivity assistant for multi-language and bilingual users

Today a vast percentage of the online population is bilingual and a majority of those use more than one alphabet set ( Example: Russian-English speakers use Cyrillic and Latin).

This causes many inconveniences typing, searching and constantly switching between input languages.
bLeengo is a productivity set that tries to address all online issues multi-lingual users encounter every day, multiple times a day.
One of these is the simple act of term look-up. A Chinese term is easier to lookup on a Chinese engine while Cyrillic is earlier on a Russian one. This removes the needed of constant switching back and forth and provides more relevant localized results.

In this version:
– Out of the box functionality with no set-up
– Support of auto-localization of Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic (see screenshot)
– Option to choose default for Latin and common alphabets
– Mapping display (currently read-only)

We're in Beta, so, please, contact us at if you'd like to contribute code or help the project in any other way.

You may watch a quick tutorial at

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

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