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BlazeMeter | The Continuous Testing Platform_v3.2.2

BlazeMeter | The Continuous Testing Platform_v3.2.2

介绍:记录所有HTTP流量并在10分钟内创建一个负载测试(Apache JMeter兼容)。

BlazeMeter Chrome extension enables you to – Record. Browse. Upload. Run.

The Chrome extension records all of the HTTP/S requests that your browser sends, creates a JMeter script, and automatically uploads it to BlazeMeter, where you can execute it with a single click. No need to install JMeter to record or run a performance test, the Chrome extension will create the JMeter script automatically.

If you do have JMeter installed, you can convert your recording into a JMX file and use it on your local computer.


This extension offers two modes:

1. FollowMe – Instant, Script-Free Testing
Eliminates the need for set up and scripting. Just browse your site and a swarm of virtual users will follow your actions – simulating the load for instant testing. View real-time reports and make adjustments to your test on the fly.

One click for instant, dynamic testing

2. Record – Creates JMeter Scripts for You
Records all your browsing activity to create a JMeter script and automatically uploads it to BlazeMeter. Execute with a single click or export it as a JMeter .jmx file.

Run load tests in under ten minutes

Features & Requirements

– Records all HTTP/S requests made by your browser
– Add transaction labels during recording
– Apache JMeter Compatible
– Run tests without test scripting applications
– Run tests for up to 1,000,000 concurrent users
– Run API Functional Test
– Requires a BlazeMeter account (free)

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BlazeMeter | The Continuous Testing Platform_v3.2.2