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Bittrex Enhanced_v1.10.0

Bittrex Enhanced_v1.10.0


Enhances the Bittrex experience by:

(1) providing accompanying USD and BTC values alongside BTC, ETH and USDT values in:

* General markets page (/ and /Home/Markets)
* last price
* Market specific page (/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC|ETH|USDT-*)
* order book: bid
* order book: ask
* market history: bid
* market history: total btc
* open and closed orders: bid/adk + cost/proceeds
* Balance page (/Balance)
* est. btc value

(2) swapping out the native Bittrex chart with the TradingView Advanced Real-Time Chart Widget, including settings, and

(3) providing the estimated BTC and USD unit price of assets you own.

Use the chrome browser action button to enable/disable functionality and personalize.

Note: Conversions use the Bittrex BTC price. ETH price is derived from BTC-ETH*Bittrex(BTCUSD).

Note: All processing is done client side – no servers involved, and your privacy is 100% intact.

For those interested in the code:



– 1.10.0: Fixes and Improvements: 6dp for prices < $1; support; improve chart load

– 1.9.0: Resolve fiat prices and values for orders (market page and orders/history page)

– 1.8.0: Support $USDT* markets and Improve UI (explicit columns instead of inline text)

– 1.7.0: Support `Dark` theme setting for TradingView chart

– 1.6.3: Add estimated BTC price for each asset owned in balance view (e.g. ETH/BTC price)

– 1.6.0: Introduce TradingView Chart settings (width, height, interval, language, timezone, styles, studies) and Security Enhancements

– 1.5: Support ETH-USD conversion for ETH* markets (using BTC-ETH * (BTC-USD))

– 1.4.1: Disable default chart indicators and fix for error alert

– 1.4: Introduce Settings (via popup)

– 1.3: Introduce TradingViewChart

– 1.2: Introduce BTC-USD conversion for Balance

– 1.1: Introduce BTC-USD conversion for market history in BTC* markets

– 1.0: Introduce BTC-USD conversion for BTC* markets

CryptoNirvana is not responsible for any losses resulting from use of the Bittrex Enhanced extension.

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Bittrex Enhanced_v1.10.0