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This a better onetab extension

Storing and grouping tabs are very useful. Onetab could help you to store the tabs you opened so that to free up your resources and remove clutter. But Onetab still lacks some features such as the simple list and just store selected tabs. Since One tab it's not open source and because they update very rarely I decided to make a "Better" Onetab extension.

★ Basic

If you used OneTab in the past, you can use Better Onetab like before. Expect store all tabs from a window, you can also just store the tabs you selected.

Better Onetab still provide the ability to store all tabs, store left or right tabs and any others. And you can also use it from the context menu.

Samely, you can also use "pin list" to keep a list will not be removed, set the title of a list or drag to change the order of tabs. Even you can set the color of a list in the new version.

★ Popup simple list

This is one of the key features I wanted One tab to have. This allows you to have the list of stored tabs at hand just with a click of the icon. You can also manage the lists of tabs as well quickly from the popup.

* You can change the "Behavior when icon is clicked" in the options page and enable or disable "simple popup list".

★ Keyboard shortcut

You can set a keyboard shortcut for "store selected tabs" or other action so that you can store tabs very easily. It is helpful for improving efficiency.

★ Add to history

You can choose to add the tabs to browser history if you like.

★ Migrate from Onetab

It is very simple. Better Onetab support to import the data exported from Onetab so that you can try Better Onetab easily.

★ Execute from other extensions

If you are using some others extensions, such as a mouse gesture extension, you can use the following code to execute "store selected tabs" command.

chrome.runtime.sendMessage('eookhngofldnbnidjlbkeecljkfpmfpg', 'store-selected-tabs')

Expect it, you can replace 'store-selected-tabs' with other string to call other commands:

– store-all-tabs
– restore-lastest-list
– open-lists

★ Some other quality of life improvements

Better Onetab will not open pages when you open the browser, but if you want, it is a simple thing.


visit this link if you want to check codes, submit a feedback or new features request:

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