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Battlelog Servers Blacklist_v0.9.1

Battlelog Servers Blacklist_v0.9.1


Add a server to your blacklist, and BSB extension will notify you when visiting it.

Tired of stupid servers configuration; auto balance in inappropriate moment; no ability to move to larger / winning team; servers' admins; bans for no reason? Just add a server to your blacklist and you won't see it again anymore.

Supported games:
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 4
Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield 4 CTE
Battlefield Hardline CTE

Future plans:
– Hide blocked servers from Server Browser.
– Display BSB status of server on which one's friend plays in Com Center.
– Preferences tab.
– MOHW support can be implemented with donation only.

You can fork it on GitHub:

v 0.9.0:
– Remote server fix.

v 0.8.8
– Status bar fix.

v 0.8.7
– Status bar fix.

v 0.8.5 – 0.8.6
– CTE support.
– Bug fix.

v 0.8.4:
– BSB button was not shown at Battlefield 4's serverbrowser warsaw.

v 0.8.3:
– Added AJAX Headers for future works.

v 0.8.2:
– Donate button.

v 0.8.1:
– Fixed bug with incorrect displaying month of comment.

v 0.8:
– Added Battlefield Hardline Beta support.
– Minor fixes.

v 0.7:
– Biggest update ever.
– Added global servers status and global comments.
– Finally added full Battlefield 4 support.

v 0.6.2:
– Fixed bug with not displaying icon of the ban on server loader bar, Battlelog update specifics.

v 0.5.3:
– Fixed bug with adding servers to blacklist, Battlelog update specifics.

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Battlelog Servers Blacklist_v0.9.1