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AWS Extend Switch Roles_v0.12.1

AWS Extend Switch Roles_v0.12.1

介绍:扩展您的AWS IAM切换角色。您可以像aws配置格式一样设置配置

Switch roll history does not remain only 5 maximum on the AWS Management Console. This extension extends to show more switch roles by loading your aws configuration. The bottom of the console header is emphasized with your specified color if you assume a cross account role.

# Configuration

Click Browser button, edit your profile settings to text area in popup form and save.

Support ~/.aws/config format and like ~/.aws/credentials

### Simple Configuration

The simplest configuration is for multiple **target roles** when you always intend to show the whole list. **Target roles** can be expressed with a 'role_arn' or with both 'aws_account_id' and 'role_name'.

#### Optional parameters

* A 'color' parameter can be used to specify an RGB hex value without prefix '#'.
* A 'region' parameter can be used to change the region whenever switching the role.

[profile marketingadmin]
role_arn = arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/marketingadmin
color = ffaaee

aws_account_id = 987654321987
role_name = anotherrole

### Complex Configuration

More complex configurations involve multiple AWS accounts and/or organizations.

– A profile that has only `aws_account_id` (without a role_name) is defined as **base account**.

– **If your account is aliased, the alias will be shown in the role dropdown after 'Account:'. You MUST use that alias as the aws_account_id for the base account instead of the numerical account id or your configuration won't work as expected.**

– A **target role** is associated with a **base account** by the **target role** specifying a 'source_profile'.

– As above, **target roles** can be expressed with a 'role_arn' or with both 'aws_account_id' and 'role_name' and can optionally pass a 'color' parameter and a 'region' parameter.

aws_account_id = your-account-alias

role_arn = arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/Role1
source_profile = organization1

aws_account_id = 123456789012
role_name = Role2
source_profile = organization1

aws_account_id = 210987654321
role_name = Role1
source_profile = organization1

aws_account_id = 000000000000

role_arn = arn:aws:iam::234567890123:role/Role1
source_profile = baseaccount2

role_name = SomeOtherRole
aws_account_id = account-3-alias

If you sign-in a base account, target roles of the other base accounts are excluded.

The 'Show only matching roles' setting is for use with more sophisticated account structures where you're using AWS Organizations with multiple accounts along with AWS Federated Logins via something like Active Directory or Google GSuite. Common practice is to have a role in the master account that is allowed to assume a role of the same name in other member accounts. Checking this box means that if you're logged in to the 'Developer' role in the master account, only member accounts with a role_arn ending in 'role/Developer' will be shown. You won't see roles that your current role can't actually assume.

## Settings

– Can hide original role history (Show only roles in the configuration)
– Can hide the account_id for each profile
– Can filter to only show profiles with roles that match your role in your master account
– Can automatically assume last assumed role on next sign-in if did not back to the base account and signed out (Experimental)

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AWS Extend Switch Roles_v0.12.1