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Awesome Anime White Edition Theme_v1

Awesome Anime White Edition Theme_v1


White edition of this pretty awesome anime (that WAS the picture name WHEN i found it, thank's for understanding and reading this), but looks like she is Lily, from Vocaloid 🙂

I've used a HD Wallpaper but made it on 1366×768 (my screen), shouldn't be too bad on bigger screens (i hope), spended some on this one, hope you like it! Don't care much about screenshots 🙂
There's always the problem when using a secondary screen, the image won't adapt if the screen is bigger than main screen. Can't do anything for it, sorry.

Don't hesitate to tell me if something's wrong, or if you want a personalized theme, and, think about adding a screenshot 🙂
or simply add me on fb/google so i can see what i can do.

Has for asking me for a theme or help, come to my account page, it's my personal account so i only accept people i know, unless you send me a msg at same time, you can still follow me and pm me, it's you choice. think about pm's are made for it 🙂

-# updated description, looks like she is lily, from Vocaloid (vocal synthesis) 🙂

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Awesome Anime White Edition Theme_v1