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Autofill for Chrome by Fillr_v1.6.16

Autofill for Chrome by Fillr_v1.6.16


Autofill for Chrome – Powered by Fillr, the world’s most intelligent autofill.

FEATURED by Google on the Chrome Webstore during January 2017, Fillr’s Autofill for Chrome isn’t your standard autofill – it’s been re-invented from the ground up to be secure, fast and super accurate.

“Fillr takes the grunt work out of having to enter and re-enter your details on forms!” – Lifehacker

Fillr’s powerful mapping engine, along with our algorithms developed by analyzing thousands of checkout forms, utilizes advanced textual heuristics to read forms as close to human representation as possible. What this means for our shoppers and businesses or website owners is, we deliver the most accurate and intelligent form filling technology in the world, so you can trust that Fillr will help you shop faster.

You may have used other autofill products out there, however, with Fillr you can ensure our autofill technology is forever evolving and forever improving… Behind their simple façade, forms are deceptively complicated. A jumbled mess of code in a multitude of formats, they are constantly changing and updating. Fillr, already the world’s most accurate autofill, continues to improve through machine learning, internal benchmarking platforms, and regression framework. These systems ensure our technology stays ahead of the curve.


Filling out repetitive forms is tedious. Fillr protects you by offering you the choice to request a PIN and then completes web forms instantly. Spend less time booking your holiday and more time enjoying it!

We cannot access your data. It is PIN protected and stored locally on your desktop device, out of the cloud, using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

You have multiple addresses, emails and credit cards. Fillr allows you to choose the right info at the right time to fill forms with accuracy.

When filling out forms, your info can be hard to remember or inaccessible. Your details are stored out of the cloud and only within your Fillr app, ready to use whenever you want.

If you hit a form that Fillr doesn’t fill correctly, simply let us know and we will fix it for the next time you visit!


If you love password manager’s you’ll love Fillr, as we offer so much more than just remembering your emails and passwords!

Love fashion drops? Fillr is the ultimate tool for speedy auto checkout and pre filling eCommerce forms.

Our auto fill / auto complete technology is the most intelligent autofill in the world, and it’s perfect for those who want a better and faster checkout experience when it comes to online shopping, entering sweepstakes, filling contact forms.

By installing Fillr you can fill webforms and shopping check-outs with amazing accuracy on hundreds of the world’s most popular websites and online retailers.

This means that on all of these forms you can check out in seconds! If you want a reliable and trustworthy autofill product then Fillr Autofill for Chrome is for you!

Fillr is also available on mobile, so don;t forget to download our app for your favourite mobile browser too!


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Autofill for Chrome by Fillr_v1.6.16