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Apogee | Citation Creator_v1.7

Apogee | Citation Creator_v1.7

介绍:Apogee只需一次点击即可创建MLA / APA格式的定制引用,因此您可以专注于您的研究,而不是您的引用。

What does Apogee do? Read our reviews 🙂

"This app is amazing, it cuts the time I have to spend on citations down to almost nothing!"

"Really fast and efficient."

"This is a simple yet wonderful tool that definitely works for me."

"Much quicker and easier workflow than any other citation chrome extension."

"Love this extension! Web citations are no longer a hassle."

* * *

Have a webpage to cite in your paper or research? Don't go to EasyBib or open another tab. Just click, copy, and paste. No need to waste your time fumbling around.

As a writer or a student, you shouldn't have to spend your valuable time poring over citations to gather the right information. Apogee picks out the right data from a webpage so you can jump right into worrying about your writing, and your words only.

* * *

With just a click, Apogee generates perfectly formatted MLA- or APA-style citations you can just copy and paste into your research paper, essay, or thesis.

More reliable, works with far more websites, and much faster to use than popular choices like EasyBib and Cite Maker, we're always working to Improve its range of compatibility and ability to get citations faster, more accurately. [doesn't work with PDF's due to Chrome's restrictions]

So give it a try! It's free, quick to try, and you'll probably be thankful you have it later on.

But of course, nothing's ever completely perfect. So if you've got an important paper coming up, make sure to double check the citations and see that they are indeed in the correct format!

* * *

Update 1.4.2
– Added support for the recent MLA 8 citation styles

Update 1.4.1
– Added support for BibTeX citation types

Update 1.4
– New Feature! Now you have access to a history of your last 25 pages right within the popup. But if it gets annoying, just hide it in the options.
– Now you can edit the given citation right in the popup before you copy-paste when you click on the citation
– Fixed: minor bugs

Update 1.3.4
– Changes to the codebase to make things more robust
– Fixes a bug where repeatedly opening Apogee will sometimes freeze it

Update 1.3.3
– Fixed: more huge bugs
– The size of the app was reduced by over half, and the speed has been massively improved for more complex sites

Update 1.3.1
– Fixed: a nasty bug that sometimes crashed the browser on heavier websites

版本:1.7 用户评分:3.97(5分满分) 此版本下载量:44102

大小:51.39KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年5月7日



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Apogee | Citation Creator_v1.7