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Anti Miner – No 1 Coin Minerblock_v1.1.5

Anti Miner – No 1 Coin Minerblock_v1.1.5


★v. 1.1.5 – Bugfix for browser freeze★

★v. 1.1.1 has an updated libraries and blocks JS miners★
Antiminer is the most trusted MinerBlocker, which blocks hidden miners on each website you visit! Anti miner Miner Blocker allows you to prevent cryptojacking scripts from mining using your CPU.

Source code is available here

Make sure nobody using your CPU for mining cryptocurrency without your knowledge

You should decide by yourself, wether you want to mine coins with your CPU, or would like to block coin miners from using your laptop to mine cryptocurrency. Stop cryptojack across the web! Anti miner will alert, of website launches miner using your PC power. Miner Blocker works similar to Adblock, it focused to stop cryptocurrency miner scripts, which might be installed on the websites you visit. This scripts are using your's computer CPU to mine cryptocurrency for website owner purposes. As a result surfing such websites without Antiminer – Miner Blocker extension cryptocurrency block will slow down your computer.

Don't let you computer to be used for hidden mining. Stop browser coin mining.

At the moment Anti miner blocks Javascripts that are mining coins for Monero, Dash and other like coinhive (coin-hive) and jsecoin

版本:1.1.5 用户评分:4.42(5分满分) 此版本下载量:75250

大小:213KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2017年11月17日

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Anti Miner – No 1 Coin Minerblock_v1.1.5