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Annotate PRO_v5.2.2

Annotate PRO_v5.2.2

介绍:快速访问专家反馈库或创建自己的。理想的编辑,分级,标记 – 各种反馈!

Annotate makes it easy for teachers and students to add personalized, detailed feedback to Google Docs, Canvas SpeedGrader, and other webapps.

Create and share large or small libraries of reusable comments, then quickly add pre-written feedback then personalize. Use full-text search, our toolbars for Google Docs, Canvas, and Blackboard, or right-click menu to find just the right comment.

Annotate optionally logs all of your feedback created in Google Docs and Canvas SpeedGrader so you can review a history of previous comments made to the current student – fantastic for accountability, conferences, and end-of-term report cards.

You can choose to translate your comment into another language (via Google Translate) or provide dual language response (primary language plus a translation) to help students learning a second language.

The forever-free version of Annotate provides you with one library and up to 10 comments.

You can license Annotate PRO individually or as an institution, creating as many libraries as you'd like or using one of our growing list of pre-made libraries.

For instance, the Annotate PRO College Edition, which you can purchase from inside the app or your school can license, brings 100+ pre-written comments a click away. The library covers argument, use of evidence, organization, style, documentation & formatting, and grammar. Many of the comments include links out to the web's best writing resources so students can get additional help.

Institutions can define and share libraries, powering consistency, language instruction, writing across the curriculum initiatives, PBL…

Finally, Annotate PRO will give you visibility into your feedback – summarizing by comment group, by comment, and making it easy to filter by student recipient. You can even use previously created manual comments to improve your library content.

Annotate PRO will dramatically improve the dialog around writing at your school – drafts, peer review, grading…

With Annotate PRO you write it once, to perfection, then re-use to your heart's content.

Release Notes:

5.2.2 | April 12, 2018
* Improved toolbar (show/hide); bugs! | March 6, 2018
* Improvements to support Goobric, bugs, sorting Favorites alphabetically | February 27, 2018
* Bugs and improved toolbars, support for Google Drive, Canvas box annotations. Thank you Steve! | February 9, 2018
* Bugs, improvements and KEYBOARD SHORTCUT to get to toolbar search: CTRL-S | February 6, 2018
* Feed, analytics, toolbars for Google Docs, Canvas, and Blackboard…many improvements. Payments! | November 2, 2017
* Sorting of Comments AND Groups. And 'Formal' sharing by Annotate Admins at an institution. | September 25, 2017
* WOO HOO! We made it…add new libraries, new groups…sync across web and Word add-in… | August 23, 2017
* Tweaked display of Favorite buttons and Search results for better usability
* Updated dates for free trial of full libraries | August 14, 2017
Bugs! | May 31, 2017
Minor release – bugs. Particularly fixing Facebook login issue. Enjoy! | May 26, 2017
Major release! We've added a sign up step (easy, one-click Google sign in) so users can easily log into their Annotate PRO library across Chrome and Microsoft Word 2016. Also highlighting cells being edited plus bug fixes. Enjoy & feedback _ALWAYS_ welcome. | April 22, 2017
Improved under the hood…preparing for faster implementation of custom libraries.
Faster access to your Annotate popup (ALT-A!).
Improved predictability of Context Menu functionality. | April 7, 2017
Improved visibility for installing the full College Edition Library.
Improved popup behavior & library edit for free users.
Bug fixes. | March 30, 2017
Google Translate baked in! Plus polish…improved menus, tab order… | March 8, 2017
Bug fixes… | March 2, 2017
Our biggest release yet! Oh my…see release notes on our website for all the details… | February 7, 2017
* Updated ilovefeedback free trial date (to June 30, 2017) to celebrate Annotate PRO for Word. | February 1, 2017
* Updated to recognize existing accounts, by email address, so uninstall doesn't result in loss of customizations. | January 2, 2017
*Updated free trial to extend through 2/14/2017 (Happy Valentine's Day!). | December 19, 2016
*Improved purchase error logging. | December 16, 2016
*Minor bug fixes. | November 28, 2016
* Added a spinner for longer library saves (so you know something is happening!) | November 19, 2016
* Bug fixes / secret code fix for free access | November 13, 2016
* Includes support for site licenses (based on email domain)
* Bugs and enhancements

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Annotate PRO_v5.2.2