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AMZFire Review to Order_v1.0.22

AMZFire Review to Order_v1.0.22


Trying to find customer order associated with a product review from Amazon product?

Trying to download Amazon product reviews to your computer?

You are in the right place!

This extension adds 'Find Order' and 'Download Reviews' buttons to product reviews page.

The 'Find Order' button is added for each review in the reviews product page, once clicked, the extension will start a search for a 'matched order' in your Amazon seller central account. Once the order is found, you'll be immediately redirected to the order page of the matched order.

The 'Download Reviews' button gives you the ability to download product reviews of any Amazon product to your PC.

NO complicated subscription options, NO monthly payments!
NO passwords, NO API keys!
NO fancy banners, NO ads!

This plugin does what you need, no less, no more.

Q. What Amazon markets this extension supports?
A. US, Europe (UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain), Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia.

Q. How does the extension work?
A. Each reviewer has a unique identifier, called profile ID. Each order in seller central is associated with a buyer which has a unique identifier as well, called buyer ID. It happens to be so that profile ID and buyer ID are the same. Once 'find order' button is clicked, the extension fetches review info such as the ASIN it is associated too, date and the profile ID of the reviewer and tries to match this info to the orders in seller central. Once a match is found, the extension opens the order page.

Q. Is it 100% accurate?
A. Yes, profile and buyer IDs are unique, The extension matches reviews to orders based on them. If a match is found, it is 100% accurate.

Q. Does the extension manage to match all reviews?
A. No, not all reviews have corresponding orders in your account. For example, it is possible to write a review on a product before purchasing the product or without purchasing the product. In these 2 cases, the review will be marked by Amazon as unverified and will not be found by the extension.

In addition, not all verified reviews have corresponding orders. For example, the review could be from the sale of a used product, either by Amazon or a reseller.
If you don't have 100% buy box, the order of the review could be in seller's account that held the buy-box when the purchase was made.

Also, currently, the only location where the buyer ID is still present in the seller central is in the buyer messages section. This means that the extension relies on emails sent to buyers to find the buyer ID for matching. Orders that have no sent emails in the buyer messages section in seller central, are skipped by the extension during the search.

In case of 'order not found' message, skipped orders list will be available for download.

There are few more reasons for 'order not found' message but the reason above are the common cases.

NOTE: The skipped orders list has both buyer email for each order and buyer names (buyer contact name, buyer address name). You can use this information to match the review by buyer name or to send the missing emails.

Q. Is it private? Does it send private info outside?
A. The extension is totally private. It operates part of a local browser session and all information it uses is stored locally in the browser cache. No private information is sent out.

Q. Does the extension requires a password to Amazon seller central account or Amazon API keys?
A. No, It uses local browser session to perform queries to Amazon seller central. No passwords or API keys are needed.

Q. Something goes wrong, do you have a refund policy?
A. Yes, we have 7 days refund policy, no question asked. if you downloaded the extension by mistake or something doesn't work for you, contact us and we will refund your purchase.

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版本:1.0.22 用户评分:4.82(5分满分) 此版本下载量:3205

大小:1.38MiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年5月15日



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AMZFire Review to Order_v1.0.22