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Amazing Affiliate Link_v1.5.6

Amazing Affiliate Link_v1.5.6


Whats new:
– Get approved for an American Express card and get $250 back after spending $100 in your first 3 months.
– Sign up for Ebates via the new Ebates button to support development of this extension, and get a $10 Welcome Bonus!
– New options:
– Greedy: Overwrite existing affiliate tags (Defaulted on)
– Aggressive: Apply affiliate tag on every click within a site, rather than just the first click entering the site (Defaulted off)
– Pop-up window:
– Copy URL: URL provides tagged version of link, regardless of Greedy/Aggressive
– Amazon Deals: Opens the Amazon deals page
– Opens price tracking page for current Amazon item
– (US only): Open review analysis page for current US Amazon item
– Upcoming support for saving server-based settings (new permission)
– Corrected duplicate tag issue where existing tags weren't overwritten
– Corrected left pane issue on's Recommended for You page
– Corrected permissions issue
– Support for (included with
– Support for
– Support for

By setting Affiliate Tracking Id(s) in the options page (right-click the icon), when a corresponding page is loaded, it automatically applies that id to its URL. This ensures that the intended Associate gets credited with the sale.

Clicking upon the toolbar icon for this extension opens up the Amazon Deals page, so you can easily access Amazon's Deal of the Deal, Lightning Deals, and other ongoing promotions.

Also, when an Amazon page opens, focus is automatically set to the search box, if found, to simplify searching.

* Currently, clicking the extension's icon opens the deals page, options for choosing an alternate international amazon site coming soon.
* You will not receive credit for making purchases your own affiliate id with most affiliate programs, like amazon.

* This extension is was not created or endorsed by Amazon or any other affiliate program.
* Affiliate programs may have Terms and Conditions that exclude the use of browser extensions.
* Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.* * * This extension is not associated with or sponsored by the trademark owner.
* Original global image provided by "dontpanic" via wikimedia under CC BY-SA 3.0

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Amazing Affiliate Link_v1.5.6