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Allow Right-Click_v0.5.0

Allow Right-Click_v0.5.0


This extension is a clean implementation to re-enable right-click context menu on websites that prevent it. Some websites prevent right-click to prohibit the user from copying or pasting content. This is a misuse of a browser feature that is designed to allow website owners to provide their own context menu not to block the user from accessing the browser's default context.

How to use the extension?
Simply click on the toolbar button if the right-click is blocked on a website. That's it! Note that this extension uses a non-persistent background script which means it is not using any resource unless the toolbar button is pressed. So compared to the other alternatives it can be considered more efficient implementation.

Some extra use cases:
1. Copy image from image hosting websites such as Instragram ( or 500px (
2. Copy video from video or clip hosting websites such as Instragram or Tik Tak (

1. Reenables defualt context menu based on the context (for image, you will get image context menu, and for video, you will get the default video context menu with "Save As" context menu item)
2. Reenables copy and paste on websites that prevert them (unblocks clipboard)
3. One-click toggle on and off
4. Automatically gets enabled on the user requested websites
5. Disables web distraction by muting "window.alert" and other intruptting notifications
6. Unblocks text selection ("user-select", "-moz-user-select", and "-webkit-user-select")
7. Unblocks pointer event blocking ("pointer-events")
8. Unblocks image access within HTML5's custom elements
9. Open-source on GitHub

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Allow Right-Click_v0.5.0