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Advanced Facebook Search (AFS) is a search tool that allows its users to perform specific graph searches to find stories, connections, photos, events and interests of People on Facebook.


* What this extension does?

– It allows you to perform Facebook Graph Searches which is kind of really hard to perform these days. But AFS makes it easy!

* What are the possible usages?

+ People can find likeminded people, their sources of inspirations and more.
+ Marketers can target audiences by place, interest and more.
+ Recruiters can search Profiles
+ Job seekers can connect with HRs
+ CEOs can network with other CEOs for business opportunities
+ And so on.

* How is it different from Intelligence Search and other similar extensions?

– Amongst many other similar tools, AFS is more user friendly and it offers more search options.

Disclaimer: This is not an official Facebook app and is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

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