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Advanced REST client_v10.0.12-stable

Advanced REST client_v10.0.12-stable


Please, install desktop client from

A better API testing tool!

Save your time with the easiest API testing tool out there. No complicated forms and scripts. Easy to use yet very powerful.

The only REST client that makes connection directly on socket giving you full control over the connection and request/response headers.

Note: You must use valid certificate (for secured connections) to use this app. Get free SSL certificate from Alternatively check "use XHR" to disable socket and use Chrome's regular connection.
You can set up proxy in Chrome settings if you having trouble connection to the remote machine.

To run the app go to New tab page, then click "Apps" on the top bar and find the ARC icon. The app also installs itself in the system's apps search. On MacOS it's command+space, on windows it's a windows button. Type there app name to find the app.

What's new:
– Database upgrade. Now history and saved will be much faster
– Request history explorer – when you recall a history / saved request then you'll see a history of the requests you've mede to this endpoint
– New header sets – define own headers sets and use them with your requests
– Variables and variables editor – you can define your own variables and put them into the request panel

– Integrated with Google Drive
– Requests made on sockets which gives you more control over HTTP headers
– Convenient HTTP headers and payload editor
– WebSockets!
– help with filling HTTP headers (hint + code completion)
– add headers list as raw data or via form
– construct POST or PUT body via raw input, form or send file(s) with request
– set custom form encoding
– remember latest request (save current form state and restore on load)
– save (Ctrl+S) and open (Ctrl+O) saved request forms
– history of requests
– data import/export

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Advanced REST client_v10.0.12-stable